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CORT Tenting Solutions is a brand extension of CORT Party Rental offering an extensive range of structure rentals and comprehensive product solutions for all outdoor environments. From private meetings to sizeable projects, we cover the ground for all requests including backyard parties, business expansions, charity events, community gatherings, conventions, corporate meetings, emergency response, outdoor festivals and weddings. Our skilled tent professionals have significant experience with small to large-scale structures, flooring systems, power distribution, climate control, lighting, crowd control, furniture, décor accents and more.

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Turnkey Services

Our personalized services include project management, planning, custom design and on-site logistical support with specialized capabilities that include in-house manufacturing, branding and graphics, engineering, permitting and site management.

Project Management

Our project managers oversee planning, design, logistics and on-site management. They are skilled, experienced and trained to customize solutions and navigate complex requirements, timeframes and budgets.

Site Consultations

Meeting on-site is a key factor in the initial stages of planning an event or project. Our tent professionals examine access, document obstacles for removal and complete all measurements to maximize opportunities to execute your vision.

Planning & Design

Our team of experts provide recommendations uniquely suited to your space and budget. We create 3D drawings to capture and define your overall design. The drawings also support expedited permitting, engineering and precise details for our installation crews.

Permitting & Engineering

Tent permits, engineering and safety requirements can vary by city. We work closely with municipalities to ensure requirements and procedures are followed.

In-House Manufacturing

We offer a full range of tent sizes and styles to accommodate a vast range of site specific requirements. Our ability to manufacture in-house ensures that we can custom fabricate to suit unique features of any site location.

Custom Branding & Graphics

Showcase your theme or company brand with our custom graphics. Add logos or artwork to transform your tent and set the tone.

On-Site Management

Our crews ensure every detail is met safely, securely, efficiently and accurately. From installation to event kick-off to removal, we're here for you behind the scenes. We integrate with other vendor partners for a seamless timeline as well as man-on-premise services for peace of mind with immediate resolution.

Long-Term Maintenance

We provide long-term rental options to a variety of industries and project demands. Our services include individualized products, site management, maintenance schedules and more to ensure your project stays on track.

Emergency Response

Our ready-to-deploy structures and shelters are modular and durable for immediate short-term or long-term needs. Response solutions include temporary housing, storage space, food facilities and more.

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Tent Rental Solutions

CORT Tenting Solutions provides a wide variety of tent rental styles, colors and sizes ranging from 8' - 132' wide. Whether you need a large structure for a corporate conference or an intimate tent for a backyard party, we have personalized solutions to create your outdoor venue.

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Clearspan Structure Tent

Clearspan Tents are fully engineered temporary structures with advanced wall systems and a clean stylish appearance. The keder track installed roof and sidewall fabric provides weather tight protection without lace lines or rain flaps. Clearspan Structures feature a contemporary design and offer the maximum amount of usable interior space. They are available with multiple options including porches, interior gables, clear roof panels, clear gables, glass hardwalls, solid hardwalls, flooring and glass doors. Ideal for short-term and long-term applications such as weddings, large corporate events, concerts, sporting events, restaurant dining expansions, industrial warehousing and more. The interior framework offers unlimited options for lighting, sound and decor with rigging and attachment points.

Frame Tent

Our freestanding Frame Tents offer modern-day amenities with a clean and simple look. It is constructed of aluminum framing free from center poles with a durable vinyl tent top covering. Frame Tents have an open and airy feel and allow maximum use of interior space. Ideal for any size event including limited or confined spaces such as backyards, decks and patios.

Clear Top Tent

Clear Top Tents are the perfect solution for maintaining the feel of an open space. The clear overhang promotes natural light and allows an unobstructed view of the sky. It's great for clear blue skies , starry nights or even rainy days. No center poles are used, giving the inside an unobstructed and open space. Clear Tops are highly versatile and elegant, making them a great fit for higher-profile events.

Hi Peak Tent

Hi Peak Tents represent structural strength with simplicity of design. These freestanding tents have high swooping peaks and tensioned fabric making them a favorite for any outdoor event.

Pole Tension Tent

Pole Tension Tents create a dramatic look featuring high sculpted peaks with a gracefully curved architectural shape. They are installed with multiple center and side poles throughout the structure with tie downs extending out from the tent for additional support. Ideal for large-scale events such as weddings, festivals, galas, graduations and company meetings and events.

Tidewater Tent

With elegant lines and a magical glow, our Tidewater Sailcloth Tents provide the perfect setting for special occasions. The sculpted peaks and eaves in translucent fabric enhance daytime events with warm natural light, while evening gatherings are given a soft glow. Combine this unique design with specialty flooring, lighting and custom decor for a flawless look.

Bandshell Tent

Bandshell Tents are great for outdoor performances or stage productions. This freestanding tent is perfect for covering concert, theater and performance stages. The style and design is ideal for providing audiences with maximum visibility with enhanced acoustic quality.

Rapid Deployment System

RDS inflatable tents are designed to provide instant shelter in emergency situations. Supported by a self-erecting pneumatic structure, an RDS can be installed quickly to provide a heavy-duty and water-tight protective environment.

Side Walls, Doors & Floors

We offer a variety of options to safely secure and protect your event space or project. Our side wall selections include a variety of vinyl options, glass hardwall and solid hardwall systems that connect to single or double entry doors. Utilize our floor systems to level uneven surfaces and protect guests from the elements of weather.

Electrical Distribution

Our power, heating, cooling and lighting options add comfort and style to your overall guest experience. We provide generators, distribution panels and cabling to go along with an extensive selection of heating systems and air coolers. Our lighting options range from industrial interior lighting to styled lights to parking lot light towers.

3d rendering of meeting with black chairs, stage and red drape

Customer-Owned Tent Solutions

Do you own a tent or are you looking to purchase a tent for your business? We have you covered!
Our business is tents. Let us help you manage the process and be your key resource for maintaining your asset.

Purchase Tents

There are multiple solutions available for temporary structures and accessories. It is essential to select the right options for your specific location, season, timeline and city requirements. Our experts will review your needs to help determine the tent style, framing, tops, sidewalls, doors, flooring and any other necessities to ensure your selection is best-suited to your location needs. We offer off-the-shelf and custom solutions.

In-House Design

We custom design tenting solutions for a variety of applications and industries. Our design team will review your desired overall vision to create the design best suited to your space. We specialize in complete tent packages including tops, sidewalls, doors, flooring and more.

In-House Manufacturing

We have the technology and expertise to build custom fabrications in-house for any outdoor space. If you have a unique tent size or need to attach to a pre-existing building, our custom and innovative capabilities provide site specific solutions for complex needs.

Custom Branding & Graphics

Professionalize your structure with your company brand or message. Share your graphics and ideas, our team will take care of the rest.

Installation & Training

Our installation crews provide complete install services including ballasting. Whether you choose to maintain your tent or utilize our services, our crews provide on-site training with a full rendering during install.

Cleaning, Repair & Storage

Need us to provide maintenance for your tent? Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed for maximum efficiency and sustainability. From our large canvas washers to our 440' canvas conveyor to our repair shop, we can clean, repair and store your tent off-season.

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Industry Expertise

We have innovative solutions to optimize your objectives, whether you need a custom commercial space or a short-term temporary venue for your event. Our innovative structures are scalable, relocatable and adaptable to any industry or environment.

Business Expansions

Meet short-term and long-term space requirements with customizable tent structures and complimenting accessories.

Charity & Fundraising Galas

Create a unique space perfectly suited to the cause with our extensive collection of tents, doors, floors, lighting and more.

Concerts & Entertainment

Design a safe and comfortable space for performers and attendees rain or shine.

Construction Sites

Adapt to changing environments and keep projects on track with our weather resistant tents.

Conventions & Exhibitions

Provide a safe and comfortable environment for exhibitors and attendees winter, spring, summer or fall.

Corporate Meetings & Events

Gather the team under one roof with our tents and accessories designed with your brand and purpose.

Drive-Thru Testing & Vaccination Centers

Install mobile drive-thru and vaccination sites with our modular structures to avoid extra pressure on current medical facilities. Our structures are fully tailored to the location and can be scaled up or down as demands change.

Education Facilities

Expand school and university classrooms, lecture halls and auditoriums with our stand alone structures Including walls, doors, lighting and climate control for a safe and secure space for students and faculty.

Emergency Response

Quick response disaster relief deployment of temporary structures for short-term shelters, command centers, storage, hospitals and dining facilities.

Fairs & Festivals

Create community festivals with temporary structures that link together or to existing buildings.

Fashion Shows

Establish stylish environments with our custom tents, branding, platforms, floors and décor.

Graduations and Ceremonies

Cover the main stage with one of our selections of bandshell tents or provide shelter for the entire event with our large clearspan tents to protect graduates and guests from the sun or rain.

Mobile Field Hospitals

Mobilize our expandable temporary structures with medical panels, lighting and other essentials to support unforeseen emergencies.

Military Shelters & Command Centers

Erect fully operational shelter tents for base camps, living shelters, storage or other emergency needs.

Private & Social Events

Socialize under our outdoor tents for private gatherings, backyard weddings, patio parties, social networking and more.

Production Space

Build additional temporary space to keep up with business demands in our clearspan structures.

Restaurant & Dining Facilities

Connect modular tenting solutions to your current building or customize a stand alone structure to meet the demands of your business.

Retail Space

Expand or relocate your showroom with our high-quality temporary venue solutions and keep business revenue flowing.

Showroom Space

Customize your design center or showroom under one of our luxurious tents to create a unique and savvy environment.

Sports Events

Keep spectators dry and comfortable in our expansive line of frame tents with custom flooring.

Warehouse & Storage Space

Maintain production and keep equipment safe with our freestanding structures.


Create a stunning event under our tidewater tent with sculpted peaks and glowing fabric for the ultimate experience.

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