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Clear Top Tent

Clear Tops are available in several tent styles, which can service a multitude of event purposes. No matter what style you choose it affords incredible views of your surroundings to all your guests. Clear Tops can be utilized with Clear Span Structure Tents and Frame Tents. They are the perfect tenting solution for projects in locations with beautiful landscapes, unobstructed night skies, and unique architecture. Clear top takes full advantage of the built-in natural decor and ambience your location affords. 

Events & Commercial Applications

The Clear Top Tents envelope your guests in the magnificent environment surrounding them, making Clear Top Tents ideal for any upscale event. Whether you are hosting an evening gala with a night sky full of stars or a daytime wedding surrounded by natural beauty, Clear Top Tents allow for unobstructed views of your surroundings. The Clear Top Tent’s elegant feel makes them perfect for Fundraisers, Commencements, Graduations, Country Clubs, or Golf Courses. It provides an “outside-in” scenic view for any event and can also be quite dramatic with accent lighting and sunsets. This provides you with protection without obstructing the surrounding environment- the best of both worlds. 
Although Clear Top Tents are well suited for large social events, it is a unique commercial solution and sometimes cost-effective to leverage existing natural light for Cafeteria Tents, Restaurant Patios, Hospitality Spaces, Community Centers, and Retail Spaces.  

Clear Design Options & Accessories

Clear ceiling panels can be used on structure and frame tents
Clear vinyl side walls- panels are not glass but, clear vinyl panels to create a glass-like stunning and dynamic appearance
Glass or PVC walls
Glass and vinyl door systems
Complement this tent with a variety of flooring options
Clear tops can be quite hot in the direct sunlight


If you have decided that using a Clear Top application will significantly enhance your project, seasonal and inclement weather should be considered.
SEASONALLY WARM: Clear Top Tents do not protect guests from the sunlight. Clear Top Tents generate more heat than a protected opaque top. If you are securing all walls, this further adds to the temperature, requiring additional HVAC requirements.  
SEASONALLY COOL: Clear Top Tents create a sort of greenhouse effect, making the interior of the tent warmer than the outside temperature, thus providing a more insulated space for cool month events, which may require less HVAC. 
SEASONALLY COLD: Not recommended for winter- clear panels can freeze and crack 
The Clear Top Tents are weather resistant but not weather proof, meaning there should be measures taken to plan accordingly.  
Higher price compared to solid – 20% + 

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