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Clear Span Structure Tent

Large-Scale Special Events

Clear Span Tents are the ideal tent structure for incorporating the feel of an open space while remaining indoors. Whether you are searching for a large-scale event tent that provides natural light or a sky full of stars, Clear Span Structure Tents are a practical solution. Clear Span tents are built to withstand any inclement weather due to their aluminum framework, leading this tent structure to be one of the safest options. In addition, Clear Span Event Tents can be fully operational within a few days. With their elegant versatility, Clear Span tents can be used for large galas and corporate events, VIP suites, and sporting events. They are built without the application of center poles, which creates less of a distraction for decor, presentations, and the general flow of the space. Complemented with a variety of flooring options, Clear Span Tents are the ideal choice whether you are hosting a large event or looking for a long-term sustainable option.  

Commercial & Industrial

Clear Span Structure Tents are the perfect tenting solution for long-term and short-term usage. They can be utilized for many Commercial and Industrial purposes, increasing warehouse or storage facilities. Depending upon whether you are looking for a semi-permanent solution or permanent sustainable industrial tent, Clear Span tents are applicable in either department. Considering construction is reliant upon weather conditions, Clear Span tents are the most practical choice to allow for efficient working conditions, thus expanding your workflow process. Clear Span structures are perfect for retail pop-up events/stores, lending to the quick and flexible set-up time. Temporary structures help to expand your footprint with semi-permanent warehousing structures, protection for construction workers, and equipment from inclement weather or safety hazards. 

Why Choose Clear Span Structures?

Strength & Safety

Clear Span Tents are a tenting solution that uses a modular, aluminum framework which securely holds glass walls, vinyl, or hard PVC into its set place, maintaining its stability. Structures also meet all relevant safety standards for wind and snow loads, mitigating the risks of extreme weather wherever you are. Clear Span Industrial tents withstand winds up to 80mph, leading them to be the safest and most cost-effective option against extreme weather conditions.  Additionally, the doors can be locked keeping your installation secure.


Clear Span Structure Tents are extremely flexible. The modular nature makes the options literally endless: no interior poles & high clearance support unobstructed views and high rigging potential for décor, lighting, and sound equipment. They can be used in conjunction and/or connected to other Structure Tents. They can be staked or weighted, requiring no guy lines, which ensures beautiful clean lines.  They have variable heights to accommodate obstacles such as: small trees, fountains, swimming pools, etc. They can be secured into place, making them the most efficient option to withstand any climate. Their various heights make Clear Span Structures suited for any potential obstacles such as fountains, swimming pools, small trees, and so forth. They also have the advantage of being able to be placed very quickly. Complete event venues or buildings can be fully operational within just a few days.

Design Options & Accessories

Clear Span Structures offer a wide variety of flexible, functional, and elegant options.
Dormer and open gables options  
Interior gables for separation of spaces
Many clear/glass options including clear roof panels, clear gables, glass hardwall, and glass tent doors 
Multiple sidewall options: clear, white, window, glass wall, hardwall, insulated hardwall 
High rigging potential for decor, lighting, or sound equipment, lends Clear Span Tents to be the perfect option for providing an elegant atmosphere when desired 
Variety of flooring options 
Sizes: 50' to 165' wide x up to 1000' length
Accommodates 2'-3' slope 

Climate Control

Clear Span Structures are the most efficient tent environment to control your climate-heat or air conditioning.

Cost Effective

Great options for semi-permanent/long-term installations and end-user applications. Extremely cost-effective solution for any temporary structure. 

Quality Engineering

Quality makes every difference for installation, finished look and safety. Cort Tenting Solutions uses only the highest quality Structure Tents including Losberger De Boer and Röder

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