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Hi Peak tents are a unique and grand tenting solution that represents structural strength with simplicity of design.  Similar to Frame Tents but additionally include a center pole that upholds the top of the tent. They utilize a cross-cable mast support system, which allows for far less parts than other frame tents and reduces installation time. The frame is built from structural grade aluminum extrusions that have been designed to provide engineered strength and allows the tent to withstand the rigors of the event rental industry. The valance tensioning and mid-span tensioning system keep the fabric uniformly tensioned and free of wrinkles without added complexity. The Festival is the only high peak that is available in both one piece and expandable configurations and a unique 40’ Hex option.


Hi Peak Tents are ideal for any outdoor event. They transform any ordinary event into an eye-catching venue. As the name suggests,  Hi Peak Tents have high sweeping peaks, which  produce a majestic feel. Hi Peak Tents are appropriate for many applications such as fairs, festivals, weddings, banquets, reception, and tradeshow to name a few. The “Hi Peaks” provide added height, lending itself to house taller objects as well as provide a memorable presence for any venue. Hi Peak Tents are also a flexible option for a complementary install such as a buffet-style station or a beverage service tenting solution. Hi Peak Tents are versatile and offer a variety of decor options.  


Hi Peak Tents are a scalable tenting solution for maximum flexibility. Reduced installation time and smaller parts to piece together, make Hi Peak Tents a cost-effective tenting solution. They also weigh less than other tenting solutions, meaning Hi Peak Tents are more cost-effective and provide a quicker installation process.  

Design Options & Accessories

Sidewalls are available in: clear, solid and window
Versatile Widths: 10’, 15’, 20’, 40’ Hex 
Length: 10’, 15’, 20’ 30’, 40’, 40’ Hex, 50’
Height: 8’, 10’ legs 
Fabric: White, Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow
Framework: 6061-T6 Anodized Aluminum frame system with powder coated steel fittings 


Hi Peak Tents are a great fit for any outdoor summer event. Their tensioned fabric helps cast a shadow, protecting guests from the heat. Since heat rises to the top the ground level of the Hi Peak Tent remains cool, keeping your event at a moderate temperature for a longer period of time.   

Considering their high wind tolerance, Hi Peak Tents should be staked and are most equipped for grassy environments but can also be staked to other flat surfaces such as asphalt. 

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