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Pole Tension Tents

Pole Tension Tents are an elegant tenting solution for any special occasion. Their beautiful, sweeping lines create a pleasant environment for guests, along with the dramatic high-peaked silhouette and canopy style which creates an eye-catching look. Exterior flags on the high-peaked poles are a perfect opportunity to add some flair and your brand or event colors. Installation of Pole tents are “tensioned” as the name suggests. Fabric is supported by center and side poles, which are ground-staked to secure in place.  The high ceilings lend itself to a variety of decor options; cafe´ lighting, chandeliers, banners, signage, fabric draping, and florals. If you are looking for a cost-effective, easy set-up tenting solution that also exudes an elegance, then Pole Tension Tents are an ideal choice. 

Pole Tension Tents are frequently used for Galas, Corporate Events, Fundraisers, Fairs, Festivals, Restaurant or Hospitality Spaces, Country Club, and Golf Course events, as well as any Large-Scale Social Events. Whether you are looking to host a Commencement, Photoshoot, Wedding, or Private Event, Pole Tension Tents are a flexible tenting solution.   

Functional Features

In contrast to Sailcloth tents, Pole Tents have a perimeter valance. The scalloped valance has a finished look and also protects against inclement weather while still upholding an stylish look.
Pole Tension Tent tops utilize blockout fabric, meaning it blocks sunlight from permeating the fabric, thus providing an adequate shade solution.
Outside of perimeter and center poles, Pole Tension Tents do not have interior frame work, providing a clean and classic look.

Cost Effective

Pole Tension Tents are an easy and cost-effective tent rental since you get more square footage for the money you pay.
Pole Tension Tents are easy to take down and put up, leading them to be an effective short-term installation tenting structure.
Their large size, scaling up to 260 feet, as well as their high sculpted peaks, make Pole Tension Tents an affordable tenting solution. Their installation process, made simple and easy, can also be accompanied by tie downs extended throughout the structure, which provides additional tenting support if needed.  

Design Options & Accessories

Available up to 100’ wide with unlimited square footage
Widths: 60’, 80’, 100’ 
Sidewalls are available in white solid, clear, mesh, window 
Multiple Center and Side Poles 
Easily customizable  


Pole Tension Tents must be staked into the ground. They cannot be weighted down by concrete blocks. They can be staked in a variety of surfaces such as asphalt and grass but are ideally suited for flat-grassy areas, since the multiple center poles are the primary structure support.   

Although Pole Tension Tents are a great cost-effective tenting solution, they are considered weather-resistant, rather than weather-proof. Situations of extreme weather should be considered. 


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