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First responders know the importance of providing semi-permanent shelter and emergency structures when disaster strikes. It can mean the difference between survival and reporting casualties. CORT’s Rapid Deployment Units or R.D.U.’s provide fast and functional shelter in any environment, and most are fully engineered for both wind and snow loading capabilities. In field applications of Rapid Deployment Shelters have included:  Mobile Command Posts  Mobile Hospitals  Instant Accommodations/Operations Facility  Warming/Cooling Centers  Decontamination Shelters  First Aid Tents  Temporary Emergency Housing  Portable Isolation Systems Installation in Minutes, Not Hours CORT’s Rapid Deployment Units can be easily installed with a team of 1-4 people, depending on the size of the shelter and the configuration you need. Each unit packs into a convenient case, and includes a pump to fill your structure. Once the ballasts of the structure are filled completely, the pump can be disconnected. The structure will remain inflated with no continuous power source needed. 18’4” x 24’9” x 9’2” 452 square feet 536lbs Setup Time – 5 minutes 65mph wind resistance Search Terms: Emergency relief Covid Hospital Relief Screening tent Employee screening Medical tent Inflatable tent Inflatable shelter RDS Rapid Deployment Shelter Losberger Mobile tent First aid tent Emergency response

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