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Bandshell Tents

Bandshell Tents are a functional and attractive tenting solution for outdoor performances. Their spectacular views and open airy feel, will captivate potential guests. Whether that may be for a keynote speaker, concerts, theater, or any aspect of the performing arts, Bandshell Tenting Solutions create a wonderful focal point. They operate as canopy-style protection for performers, speakers, and music equipment. Their acoustic nature and exquisite sight lines, their built to carry sound efficiently with an optimal viewing experience.  
Bandshell Tents are an extremely flexible choice. The installation process is simple, multiple widths available to accommodate a number of popular stage capacities, and they can be staked or weighted. Combined, this makes Bandshell Tents versatile for various locations. 

A back wall frames the Bandshell Tenting Solution to enhance any concert venue. Although whatever existing surface your bandshell tent is installed upon may be appropriate for your needs, a variety of staging and flooring options can be added to enhance the overall performance experience including; staging, stage skirting, stage carpeting, choral risers, event decking, performance platforms and dance floors of various finishes. 

Bandshell Tents can be a casual performance option or they can be dressed up for more elegant affairs. You can add leg drapes to appeal to a more elegant event or, for a clean, smart look, pole covers can be added. Regardless, Bandshell Tents are great for providing maximum visibility and high acoustic quality to any size audience. Bandshell Tents are an optimal addition to  community events, fairs and weddings. They elevate an event, giving it a fantastic focal point while protecting equipment from potential damage. 

Design Options & Accessories

Widths: 10-foot-wide to 165-foot-wide
Pole Height: 8 feet tall up to 18’ tall
Pole covers and leg drapes can be added
Side walls available in solid, clear, window and more


Due to the nature of the open-end tenting structure Bandshell Tents possess, they do not protect from severe weather. Bandshell Tenting solutions allot for general protection for your outdoor performance from sun or light rain. Additionally, sidewalls can be added to provide additional weather protection.

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