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Tidewater Sailcloth Tents

Sailcloth Tents, which were originally made from the same material as sailboat sails, give a dreamy feel and an elegance to occasion. Their sea inspired design affords the Sailcloth Tenting Solution a unique look unto its own. The translucent nature of the fabric washes your event in a soft sepia-toned light. Sailcloth Tents provide shade and basic weather protection for guests. This tenting solution is staked for ballast, leading Sailcloth Tents to be a sturdy option. The classic and luxurious details make a Sailcloth Tent a wonderful solution for any venue you would like to add a bit of rustic charm.  

The Look - The Light!

The sweeping high peaks allow breezes to seep through, giving an airy, open feel for any special occasion. Since the Tidewater Tent design does not have a valance around the perimeter, this tenting solution is a wonderful pairing for hanging floral and vines. Even before adding any decor, Sailcloth Tents emit an elegant presence. Tidewater Sailcloth Tents can be complemented with a wide variety of flooring options- wood floor options pair especially well.    

Sailcloth Tents emit a magical glow, when lit up at night, leading them to be the wonderful evening event choice. The warm natural light peers through the Sailcloth Tent with its translucent fabric and sculpted peak, giving your event the extra bit of elegance desired.   

Sailcloth Tents possess a beautiful dream-like-style, with their romantic appearance. The translucent top allows the sun to peer through, making your event brighter during the daytime and an elegant starry glow during the evening. Accompanied by the stained wood side poles and wood cover center poles, Sailcloth Tents dramatically stand out, giving an upscale feel to any event. Sailcloth Tents are the ultimate tenting solution for:  


Galas & Fundraisers 

Large-Scale Social Events 

Country Clubs 

Golf Courses 

Fairs & Festivals 


Hospitality Spaces 

Graduations & Commencements

Design Options & Accessories

Tidewater Sailcloth Tents are offered in various selections or design options.

Available up to 59’ wide with unlimited square footage 
Widths: 20’, 32’, 44’, 59’ 
Our sailcloth tents have RF Welded seams versus stitched, which are more weather resistant than the competition 
Sidewalls are available in sailcloth solid, clear or mesh 
Classic decorative details 
Starburst fabrication at the top of each pole connection 
Flag at the top of the center poles 
Compliment this tent with wood floors or other floor coverings


When considering Tidewater Sailcloth Tents for your Tenting Solution, keep in mind that they are best equipped for relatively mild to moderate weather. In the event that there is potential inclement weather, it may be best to explore other tenting structures as Tidewater Sailcloth Tents are weather-resistant, not weather-proof.  

*The Sailcloth Tidewater Tent is similar to Sperry Tents, Stillwater Tents and Aurora Sailcloth Tents. 


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