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CORT is a trusted tent solution partner for all your large-scale tenting projects. From industrial, large events and disaster response, to mining, military, and drilling- our tent structure support is second-to-none and we are ready to assist you anytime and anywhere our tent and installation crews are in need.

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Why Choose CORT Tenting Solutions?

Professional Experts

In business for over 50 years, CORT has earned a well-deserved position as a leader in the tenting industry. We have built our reputation on providing honest, safe, effective tenting solutions to our partners and clients alike without ever compromising quality. Coupled with our stellar service and industry expertise, we are the triple threat that you have been looking for to support you with all your large-scale tenting projects.


Thanks to our unmatched inventory you will never be without tent structures, flooring, sidewalls, doors, HVAC or whatever else your large-scale tenting projects may call for when you partner with CORT. We become the extension of your team so you can remain present and attentive with your clients.


Our team isn’t just a warehouse full of tent installers. We have expert level engineers, cutting edge designers, project managers, permitting professionals, onsite logistical support and transportation experts. We expand your resources by allowing CORT to become an extension of your team.

Labor & Time

 Ask any tenting professional and they would most likely say the same thing…if we could, we would do it all…. every large-scale project, every small-sized project, and everything in-between. Unfortunately, none of us possesses or can tap into superhuman powers. What you can tap into is our multi-faceted, professional support team at CORT. Our teams are ready to deploy and get to work on all your large-scale structure tenting projects so we can ensure you save on time and labor and be onto the next project.

We Work for You

As anyone in the industry knows, no two projects are the same and all have different and unique challenges. By partnering with CORT our strengths can be yours. Our multifaceted teams can support you on all levels of tent structure solutions. Faster turnaround, more inventory, more time, less labor—that is what you get when you partner with CORT Tenting Solutions.

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