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Tenting Accessories

Our tent accessories can provide added protection from the elements, as well as style options to match the expectations at your project needs.  


Glass gives you the ability to let the outside in- natural lighting and views. There are multiple clear/glass accessory options including clear roof panels, clear gables, vertical and horizontal glass hard wall, and glass tent doors. 

Tent Sidewalls

Our side wall selections offer a variety of vinyl including clear, white, window and mesh, glass hard wall, solid hard wall systems, and insulated wall. All of our sidewall options can connect to single or double entry doors.

Tent Doors

We offer glass and fabric door selections. Doors add a finished look, create a greater barrier from weather, multiple exit options, and the ability to safely secure/lock and protect your event space or project.


Utilize our floor systems to level uneven surfaces, add an element of style and protect guests from the elements of weather. Cort Tenting Solutions offers engineered and elevated platform systems that create a solid foundation for any event including: Surloc, Wood, Roadways & Heavy Duty, Elevated, and Custom Flooring. Complete the look and feel you are after with an attractive cover: Hardwood, turf, or Carpeting, or Dancefloor.


Cort Tenting Solutions has versatile indoor and outdoor staging options for performances, presentations, and multi-level installations. A top-notch way to ensure your stage area is a safe and a sturdy part of your special event including railings, stairs, skirting and unique stage fronts. This high-quality equipment is as functional as it is well-made.


Tent leg covers and ceiling liners can enhance your tent experience when youre looking for an elevated style.

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