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Emergency & Rapid Deployment Systems

When time is of the essence, CORT Emergency Solutions are efficient and ready with quick response disaster relief deployment and long-term tenting structures. You will need a partner that you can trust. CORT Tenting Solutions has a wide variety of options available, finding the best tenting solution to meet your needs is our number one priority. CORT Rapid Deployment Systems expedite the set-up process giving you efficiency in any emergency situation.  

Emergency Business Space/Storage/Replacement

In the event of a disaster, such as a warehouse fire, you will likely need immediate storage. Our team can install weathertight Tenting Solutions to house your product while you rebuild your facility. This allows for you to resume business within a matter of days, leaving your team to operate more efficiently. Effectively, we can provide Clear Span Tent Structures, Frame Tents, or Inflatables for the emergency replacement of storage/warehouse spaces. Business can also be unpredictable or you may experience seasonal manufacturing and fulfillment surges. CORT Tenting Solutions can be a cost-effective option for your short or long-term needs.

Maintenance & Construction

When in the field you need protection from the elements. Construction businesses can exponentially expand the seasons by providing shelter to a site in need of protection from the heat, cold, rain or snow.

First Responders & Command Centers

Rapid Deployment Systems are lightweight, easily installed and maneuvered. They are self-inflatable and ready with minimal labor in a matter of minutes— making saving lives a whole lot easier. This allows first responders the flexibility to think clearly and practice good-decision making in a high-level stress environment. These inflatable temporary tenting solutions help first responders, such as police officers or firefighters, to act quickly without any external distractions. These RDS solutions can be utilized for command centers, assessment, and medical triage posts during a variety of emergencies including: fires, flooding, natural disasters, missing persons, and rescue operations. Our shelters provide a safe and quiet environment, where first responders can coordinate and focus their efforts and perform first aid procedures, without disturbance or interruption from external factors. Patient privacy and dignity can be preserved away from crowds, onlookers and journalists.

Field & Emergency Hospitals

Hospitals can find themselves overwhelmed and overloaded during emergency surges. CORT Emergency Solutions can be utilized as a semi-permanent or long-term option.  Basecamp and Field Hospitals are the perfect short-term situation to utilize inflatable tenting, since it is important to work as quickly as possible. Rapid Deployment Systems can also operate as decontamination centers, quarantine facilities, and triage outlets.  Long-term space may be required for emergency hospitals. When traditional health facilities are either not available, or heavily congested due to unexpected high demand, our temporary long-term hospital and field hospital solutions offer quick and viable relief.

Vaccine Centers

As we have seen with the surge of COVID-19, inflatable tenting shelters are necessary when efficiency is paramount. Since hospitals tend to be over capacitated, Rapid Deployment Systems can operate as Vaccine sites, limiting the spread of COVID-19 as well as giving hospitals more space to help other more pressing matters. Rapid Deployment Systems can be used as a drive-thru for testing sites as well as Vaccine Centers. This is a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly tenting solution for housing vaccines and administering tests.


CORT offers many structure solutions which operate as shelters housing military aircraft and equipment, climate-controlled storage, and protected maintenance space . It is an effective Tenting Solution for long-term military usage. They provide a safe and functional environment for local military bases. Also something to consider, is the shorter-term solution that inflatable Systems offer for more pressing and emergent uses.

Emergency & Humanitarian Housing

Our emergency housing solutions range from rapidly deployed units that can be installed instantly, to long-term living facilities. Sometimes displacement of citizens require prolonged accommodations, for this we have long-term humanitarian housing solutions. When you have long-term housing in use, you have additional facilities needed such as dining halls, restroom building, storage and gathering spaces. Our goal is to aid people in times of need and as quickly as possible, by restoring acceptable living conditions in crisis-stricken situations– short or long-term.

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