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Frame Tents

Flexible, Efficient & Versatile

Frame tents have an aluminum framework with a vinyl canopy top. One of the most flexible qualities of frame tents is that there are no center poles needed- they have a self-supporting frame. Frame tents are relatively lightweight which give you many ballast options. Ballast options include straps, ropes, tent stakes, concrete ballast blocks and ecology blocks. This also gives you flexibility for installation on multiple surfaces. Whether on a grass surface where you can utilize tent stakes or a concrete sideway that requires weighting, there are options to secure frame tents respectively. 
There are many applicable uses for frame tents including festival tents, breakout spaces, food service and catering prep tents, service, storage and staging tents, and marquee walkways connecting pathways between larger tents. The list goes on and on. Frame Tents are the optimal choice when searching for an option to complement your larger, multi-tent installation.  It is notable to point out that quick installation leads Frame Tents to be one of the more ideal tenting solutions and perfect for short-term installation. 
Frame Tents are free-standing without any center poles. Their adjustable leg positions and heights allow for versatile installations. Frame Tents allot for an open gable option and can be easily staked, weighted, or both. The lean-to or mono-pitch awning-style can be accompanied by an existing tent structure.  

Event & Commercial Applications

A frame tent’s flexible nature lends itself to stand-alone needs, as well as multi-tent solution installations depending. Many factors determine what tent style is appropriate for what use including; guest count, weather considerations, venue/site features and installation limitations to name a few. Whether you use them as a stand-alone or complementary solutions, a few examples of appropriate uses would be commencements & educational events, non-profit gala installs, corporate events, meeting breakouts and corporate lunches, sporting events, craft fairs, festivals and local community fairs.  

Frame Tents are a wonderful complement to a vast range of commercial tenting solutions. They can be applicable choices for restaurants, tight spaces, pop-up vendor shops, hospitality tents, check-in areas, restroom tents, client and employee events, break rooms, stage covers for community concerts, etc. The unobstructed interiority offers a safe-sheltered space for potential guests, workers and activities. The tight encapsulated spaces make Frame Tents the perfect selection for connector tents and walkways, protecting guests during inclement weather.  

Design Options & Accessories

Frame Tents are easily customizable with variable levels and spaces. Their design options consist of.
Sizes: 8' to 50' wide x up to 1000' length 
Clear and opaque white top panels 
Standard leg sizes offered in 8’ and 10’ with optional keder leg possibilities 
Sidewalls are available in white solid, clear, window and mesh 
Multiple door and entrance options 
Ceiling liners and drapes 
Connection between tents
Complemented with a wide variety of flooring options  
A-frame or awning style 


Frame Tents can withstand winds up to 25mph. Potential conflicts consist of rain seepage, mud, sun, and wind. Frame Tents are weather-resistant not weather-proof.  Frame tents follow the land contour and can accommodate 1'-1.5' slope. Frame tents cannot accommodate any significant overhead weight. 


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