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The CORT team of professionals are the industry experts in providing our clients and partners with innovative solutions that optimize their objectives. Whether you need a Custom Commercial Space, an Emergency Response Solution, or a Short-term Temporary Venue for your Private Event, Outdoor Festival, Wedding, or Corporate Event. Our innovative structures are scalable, relocatable, and adaptable to any industry or environment nationwide. We are the tenting industry experts that will deliver the optimal tenting solution for your individual needs. While we provide tent rental solutions for endless types of events and needs, here are some common Tenting Solutions:

tables and chairs in a graden

Meeting & Event

Charity Events

Create a unique space tailored to the cause with our extensive collection of tents, doors, floors, lighting, and HVAC.

Community Events

From marathons, swap meets and local cook-offs, create an environment that is tailored to the community you are celebrating with our un-matched inventory of tents and tenting accessories.

Concerts & Outdoor Entertainment

From Coachella sized to the local county fair concert, let us help you create a space that will make your artists and attendees alike comfortable, protected from the elements and chanting for an encore.

Conventions & Exhibitions

From winter, spring, summer, and fall…provide a comfortable environment, safe from the elements for your exhibitors and attendees throughout the seasons.

Corporate Meetings Events

Make a lasting impression at your next corporate trade show, convention, or meeting with our custom branded tent structures.

Education Facilities

Create a safe and secure place for students and faculty. If you are looking to expand your school, university, or extracurricular educational spaces, take advantage of our climate-controlled, stand-alone structures outfitted with walls, doors and lighting.

Fairs & Festivals

From Sundance Film Festival caliber to a small-town community fair, design a safe, comfortable, and inviting space for performers and attendees rain or shine.

Fashion Shows

Establish a fashion-forward environment with our custom branded tents, platforms, floors, lighting, and décor.

Fundraising Galas

Dazzle the masses with a unique gala event space that makes your charity or cause shine bright with our Clear Span, Clear Top Tent Structures, Doors, Flooring, and Lighting.

Graduations & Ceremonies

Cover the main stage or graduation ceremony with our Bandshell Tents. Interested in providing even more protection from the elements? Provide shelter for the entire event with our large Clear Span Tents to protect graduates, families, and friends.

Music Festivals

From Woodstock to local concerts in the park, there is no music festival tenting need that is too big, too small, or out of our scope of expertise.

Private Events

Birthday parties, anniversaries, private gatherings, backyard weddings, patio parties, social networking and more…there is no private event that we don’t have a tenting solution.

Sporting Events

From touchdowns to hole-in-ones, we have a modular tent structure solutions outfitted with doors and flooring that will help keep your spectators dry and comfortable all game long.

Team Meetings & Conferences

House the team and enjoy some team building under our custom designed and branded tents.


Your special day is as unique as you are. Create a magical event under our sailcloth tent or create a stunning backdrop with our clear top tent structures; we are here to make your dream wedding a reality.

tent in parking lot

Commercial & Industrial

Business Continuity

Meet short-term and long-term space requirements with CORT’s customizable tent structures and complimenting accessories.

Business Expansion

Don’t miss out on potential revenue. With the help of our tent structure solutions, you can expand your season year-round while protecting your business and customers from the elements.

Construction Sites

Outsmart Mother Nature while keeping your projects on track with our weather resistant tents.

Production Space

Build a short-term space that is an extension of your business and keep up with business demands with one of our clear span structures.

Restaurant & Dining

Connect modular tenting solutions to your current building, customize a stand-alone structure, or create a four seasons ‘patio’ area to meet the demands of your business year-round with a variety of tenting options.

Retail Space

Create, expand, or relocate your showroom with our high-quality semi-permanent tent structure, venue solutions.

Showroom Space

From design centers, showrooms or a cutting-edge pop-up retail store, we have the customized tent structure solution that will help you create a unique and savvy environment specific to your business’ needs.

Restaurant & Dining

We provide long-term rental options to a variety of industries and project demands. Our services include individualized products, site management, maintenance schedules and more to ensure your project stays on track.

Warehouse & Storage Space

Maintain production, keep equipment safe and protected from the elements with our freestanding, short-term and long-term structures.

inside of inflatable tent

Emergency Response

Rapid Deployment Systems

Our rapid deployment systems are temporary structures that are fast, safe and efficient tenting solutions for short-term shelters, command centers and storage in an emergency situation.

Hospitals | Dining Facilities [DFAC] | Supermarkets

When disaster strikes, you need to mobilize quickly. In addition to our rapid deployment systems, we can quickly provide customized, modular tent structure solutions to assist in emergency situations

Drive-Thru Testing & Vaccination Centers

Alleviate pressure on medical facilities by installing mobile drive-thru and vaccination sites with our modular structures that are fully tailored to the location and can be scaled up or down as demands change.

Mobile Field Hospitals

Optimize our expandable, temporary structures with medical panels, doors, climate-control, lighting and flooring.

Government Installations

Clearspan structures offer the ability to build protected temporary spaces and scale up or down as demands change.

Military Shelters & Command Centers

Erect our fully operational rapid deployment shelter tents for base camps, living shelters or storage.

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