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Customer-Owned Tent Solutions

Whether you currently own a tent structure or you're looking to purchase a new tent structure for your business, CORT offers innovative and customized solutions for your temporary, semi-permanent or long-term tenting, storage, and space needs.

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Is a Customer-Owned Tent the Solution for You?

Warehousing, industrial, agricultural, hospitality, production space, event space, music festivals, sporting events, business continuity or educational facilities; these are just a handful of industries and businesses that have taken advantage of CORT’s national, customer-owned, tent solutions. Whether you are a small business or national corporation, having a customer-owned tent just might be the solution to support the success of your business.

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Customer-Owned Tents?

Our foundation is built upon our unparalleled customer service, expert engineers and design team, and our nationwide tent structure solutions that are consistently ahead of the curve. These are just a few of the reasons why our team is the most qualified choice to help you with your customer-owned tenting. CORT has been a proud leader in the industry for over 50 years and ready to support you.

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Tenting Solution Leaders

We live and breathe tent structure solutions and are proud to say we are an industry leader in tenting and structures. We don’t just sell you a structure, we offer solutions that serve all your needs for temporary, semi-permanent or long-term tenting events, environments, storage, and space needs. CORT would like to be your superior tent structure solution partner.

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In-House Manufacturing

CORT became the leader in the tent structure industry because we understand the importance of having in-house manufacturing capabilities to build customized fabrications for space needs. From concept to build-out, our experts provide site specific solutions for even the most complex of needs. From unique, customized spaces you need to attach to a pre-existing building and multi-level tent structures for your national sporting event, to increasing your warehouse space and adding additional classrooms, the experts at CORT are the solution.

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Innovative In-House Design & Engineering

Our in-house tent structure designers are experts in determining your specific needs. Taking in consideration your specific location, customized needs, seasons, timeline and city requirements, our experts will determine the perfect tent structure style for your needs and then work diligently to show you all the tent options to complete your project. From tent structure tops, sidewalls, glass doors, flooring, lighting, and HVAC, we have the inventory and expert knowledge to ensure your selection is best suited for your needs, location, and timeline. Off-the-shelf to custom solutions, CORT is the tent structure solution for your business’ needs.

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In-House Branding & Graphics

What’s better than a completely customized tent structure solution from the experts at CORT? A branded customized tent structure solution from the experts at CORT! Consider it the cherry on top of your already perfectly designed tent structure when you polish off your tent structure design with your company brand, logo, or messaging. Go ahead, dream big, then the CORT designers will get to work to make that dream a reality.

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Installation & Training

Our highly trained crews provide safe and professional installation services and solutions. Our team can provide complete installation by our expert tent structure installers, or you can opt for tent maintenance and upkeep services from our crew, or you can choose to maintain your tent on your own. Our team of professionals provide on-site training with a full rendering during installation.

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Cleaning, Repair & Storage

CORT provides maintenance, repair, and storage to help safeguard your tent structure investment. Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed for maximum efficiency and sustainability. From our large canvas tent washers, 440’ conveyor to our expert repair shop, and our ample, climate-controlled storage. No one is more prepared to clean, repair and maintain your tent during the off-season. Maintenance is key to protecting your ROI from setup to removal to storage. We will create a schedule to maximize the life of your product including:

Tent Inspection & Repair

Repair Canvas Pin Holes
Repair Canvas Tears
Repair or Replacement Damaged Hardware
Replace Missing Component
Replacement Quotes For Long Term Installations

Tent Cleaning

Canvas Tops
Canvas Side Walls
Tent Accessories
Tent Straps
Tent Hardware

Tent Storage

Expert Management
Off-Site Space Solution
Secured Storage
Temperature Controlled

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