Portal Program Guide

As a valued CORT Events client, we are thrilled to provide you access to a personalized cortevents.com portal.

Our portal program provides you with additional online features to make ordering with CORT Events even easier.


Pricing   |   Custom Client Quotes   |   Customer Roles


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  • You now have visibility to your CORT Events price when navigating the catalog.

  • Your discounted price is in red with the regular price crossed out.

    • Please note, personalization products are not discounted.

product with portal pricingproduct with portal pricing


  • You now have visibility to your CORT Events price when navigating the catalog.

  • If you have a discount with us, you will see the regular price crossed out and your discounted price in red.

    • Please note, personalization products are not discounted.

example of product with discounted priceexample of product with discounted price

Custom Client Quotes

  • Create your own branded quotes to send to your clients.

  • Add a markup to your CORT pricing to show your clients their end cost.

  • Adjust sales tax inclusion as needed.

  • Dedicated section for client approval.

  • Easily convert your quote into an order when ready.

Please Note:

  • Custom client quotes are only visible to you, not by CORT. CORT will only see it once you've converted your quote into an order. 

  • A custom client quote is not required to place an order. It serves primarily as a tool for you to collaborate with your team or client on products and design before ordering from CORT.

      • If you don't need to generate a quote for a 3rd party, simply add products straight to the cart and complete the checkout form.

  • Custom client quotes should only be used as preliminary estimates for you to review with your client. Once the order has been submitted to CORT Events, your representative will provide an update on product availability and pricing that includes delivery fees and any other applicable fees (rush, etc.).

sample of 3rd party quote pdfsample of 3rd party quote pdf

Option #1: 

  1. From My Account in upper right corner, click on My Quotes.

  2. Click on Create New Quote.

  3. Fill out details and Save Quote.

  4. Start adding products to your quote by browsing our catalog and clicking on Add to Quote under Save to Favorites.

Option #2 (Quick Start):

  1. On a product detail page, click on Add to Quote.

  2. Click on Create New Quote.

  3. Name your quote and click on Save Quote.

  4. You can now start adding products to this quote. 

  5. You can fill out the rest of the details of your event later by going to My Quotes.

  1. When you're ready to share your quote, go to My Account > My Quotes > View My Quote.

  2. Scroll down to Quote Summary.

  3. If you want to show your client an increased price, enter a percentage in the Markup field and click on Update Quote.

    • The total amount added by this markup will show next to Markup.

    • The individual marked up product price will only show on the downloaded pdf.

  4. If you want to remove sales tax, check the Client is Tax Exempt field and Update Quote.

  5. Click on Download PDF to share your quote.

  6. Your logo and contact information will appear on the pdf.

  1. When you're ready to order from CORT, click on Convert to Order or Add to Cart.

  2. Please Note: Once you add your quote to the cart, the quote will no longer exist in your quote listing.

  3. All information filled out on your quote will map over to the order.

  4. If there are items in your cart already, you will have the option to merge or replace.

  5. Follow the steps through to checkout. Payment will not be due at this time.

  6. Your sales team will review your order, check product availability and contact you to finalize.  Please Note: Your order is not complete until you have paid and confirmed with your sales team.

Company Features

  • Company Profile: View your account information, address, company admin and your CORT Events sales rep.

  • Company Users*:  View all users with access to your company's portal and their assigned role.

  • Company Roles*:  Customize the features your team members are allowed to see and use.

*Only visible to the Company Admin and Directors

  • View Company Users* by going to My Account > Company Users

  • For any changes to your company's users, please contact your Sales Team.

  • COMING SOON: Company Admins can deactivate company users.

*Only visible to the Company Admin and Directors

Company Admin

Can create custom client quotes

Can view pricing

Can create orders


Can view quotes and orders of all subordinate users

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


Company user management

Coming Soon

Coming Soon


Company role assignment

Coming Soon



By default, all portal users are assigned the Employee role.  To make any changes to your company user roles, please contact your Sales Team.

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